Customized French Lessons

French Conversation

For you to improve your spoken French, we will focus on conversation and as Native speaker, I will speak to you as much as possible. I will also help you gain confidence by helping you enrich your vocabulary and strengthen your conversation, pronunciation and listening skills.

Online Courses

  • With a professional and qualified French native tutor
  • From your home or office anywhere in the world 
  • At the time that suits you best
  • Vocabulary and explanations will be sent by instant messaging
  • On Skype, Zoom or Webex
  • At the end of each lesson, notes and homework will be forwarded to you.

French Immersion

Learning French while visiting Paris and discovering the Parisian way of life is a great way to improve your language skills.

We will go to different places and I will accompany you throughout the lessons to help and advise you.

Here are a few examples :

  • Asking for information, for directions
  • Ordering in a café or in a restaurant 
  • Talking to a waiter, a baker or a hairdresser
  • Buying food at a market
  • Buying a ticket in the metro or in a train station
  • Buying stamps at the post office
  • Buying tickets to go to the museum, the theatre, a concert or the opera…

French for children

These lessons focus on conversation as well as games and word building. Each lesson is built around the child’s personality and interests allowing him to enjoy learning French via the activities he loves the most.

Phonetics and Grammar lessons

Phonetics and grammar often go together since one may help you to comprehend the other. Indeed, they are two ingredients that will help you to understand the structure and the functioning of the French language more rapidly.

In order to help you understand the different rules that regulate phonetics, thanks to conversation, audio supports and reading, we will work together on the different French sounds and words.

Grammar is an essential part of the French language. It may appear intimidating but in French, like in many other languages, grammar helps you to understand how a language functions and this can be learnt.

11 September 2019