Kaveh, CEO, USA

I had the pleasure of taking French classes from Isabelle, and she is a patient and supportive teacher who truly cares about her students. Her love for the French language is evident in every class, and her passion is contagious. She is an expert in the language, and she has a real gift for teaching. I would highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who is serious about learning French.  

Katherine (English teacher), New-York, USA

I was thrilled when I found Isabelle, I have a great love for France, its culture and language and have always wanted to really learn it properly. I could never find a teacher that was great until I found Isabelle. She is outstanding, patient, and organized. She encourages me all the time and really knows how to teach the language, she takes her time and really works on the fundamentals, pronunciation and understanding. She makes sure that I understand the material before we move on to another aspect of the learning process and reviews and answers my millions of questions! Her classes fly by and I am always wanting more! I am a teacher as well and know how difficult it is to learn a language Isabelle is definitely a phenomenal teacher! I can’t say enough about how excellent she is!

Taylor (Author / Ghostwriter), Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I found Isabelle through an Internet search, and started taking lessons from her in person when my family spent a month in Paris in 2016. I had taken nine years of French in school (elementary, secondary, college), but wanted to brush off my rusty skills and improve them. Almost four years later, I am still working on my French with Isabelle via Skype. My French writing and speaking skills have really improved and I appreciate the fact that Isabelle has met me where I am in my learning curve, provided customized lesson plans, offered patient and gentle correction, and engaged me in lively discussions meant to improve my French cultural and language understanding. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to learn or improve his or her French.

Caryn (Associate Professor),City University of New York, USA

I feel very fortunate to have met Isabelle!
She is an extremely knowledgeable, organized and personable instructor. Both my speaking and writing skills have immensely improved working with her for the last 6 months.
At the same time, I also have learned a great deal about French culture. Isabelle has a kind and comfortable, yet rigorous, style of instruction that is simply superb!

Marie (Exec Admin) and Dennis (Professor), Harvard Medical School
Boston, USA

What would our five weeks in Paris have been without Isabelle?
My husband, Dennis, was on sabbatical and I was hoping to learn French — a beautiful and for me, until now, difficult language. From the first moment I met Isabelle, I knew that we could not have found a more appropriate teacher. She was easily able to understand our expectations, and to set realistic goals that were achievable. Her teaching style is exemplary. I must also say that Isabelle is an extraordinarily intelligent and witty person, and we enjoyed every minute that we spent with her. I have attempted French language lessons several times over the years from different French speakers. None compared to Isabelle in making the learning of the language fun and helping us feel like we did really make notable progress. Dennis and I were amazed with what we had actually learned under the tutelage of Isabelle. We have retained what we have learned because of her teaching style. As for me, I am planning to return to Paris to continue my French lessons with Isabelle.

Tom, retired attorney, Chicago, USA

I did not begin my lessons with Isabelle until after I left Paris and had returned to my hometown of Chicago. I met Isabelle when I was living in Paris, and I expressed my intention to continue my French studies back in the US, and that I would be looking for a teacher upon my return.
Isabelle suggested, instead, that she and I do some French lessons by Zoom. I was at first reluctant, not having much experience at the time with online lessons. After a few lessons, however, I became very impressed with the quality of Isabelle’s teaching, and Zoom worked just fine. Isabelle is an excellent teacher.

Brad Mehldau (Pianist), New York, USA

I studied with Isabelle several years ago when I spent a few months in Paris with my family. She is a patient and thorough teacher and works very well one on one. She was able to instruct me in the basics of French pronunciation and grammar. In a short time I felt I had made a good beginning with speaking and understanding French. I highly recommend Isabelle!

Jim – Management Consultant – Toronto, CANADA

My experience in working with Isabelle has been excellent. She is a true professional and very dedicated to helping her students learn not only the French language but also the culture. She is incredibly flexible in her apporach and adjusts her teaching to not only the student’s level but also to their specific area of interest or need.
The learning environment that she creates is very supportive and appreciative and has contributed to my ability to learn quickly from her. I would recommend Isabelle to anyone who is interested in a customized french learning experience.

Victor, writer, New-York, USA

I studied French with Isabelle during a stay in Paris which lasted about four months. We met at a cafe two or three times a week. At the time, I hadn’t studied French for many years, but she quickly got me back into it and inspired me to pick up where I had left off. Her lessons were structured around the development of my grammatical knowledge, but the focus was above all to improve my ability to speak and understand everyday French.
One-on-one lessons with Isabelle have the benefit of being highly personalized. I was very impressed to see how Isabelle tailored the lessons to my level of French and also to my interests. One of her greatest strengths is that, because of her easygoing and pleasant personality, Isabelle was able to make me comfortable speaking French with her, but at the same time, because of her commitment to my progress, she motivated me to challenge myself. I highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who is eager to learn French and to learn more about French culture.

Jeff and Tania – Wisconsin – USA

Isabelle made a dramatic difference in the quality of our trip to Paris. With two kids, ages 11 and 14, she provided French lessons that were fun and informative for the entire family. When someone asks how was our trip, her lessons are one of the first things we mention, because they added  so many levels of understanding of  not only the language, but the culture and its subtle nuances too. Imagine, having a private French lesson in the comfort of your apartment or hotel room, and then heading out with your instructor, and using everything you have learned.
We loved it! When we return, she will be at the top of the list to schedule again.

James – Product Manager – Boston, USA

Isabelle is a talented French instructor. I worked with her while I was in Paris for seven weeks and she helped me improve my French beyond my expectations. She tailors her lessons to your needs, is flexible with scheduling, and very easy to communicate with. She is a patient, active teacher and works to make the daunting task of learning a new language an enjoyable, engaging experience. She mixes just the right amount of French grammatical and phonetic teaching with practical, conversational learning. When I arrived in France, I was overwhelmed by inability to communicate in the local language.
After just a few short weeks working with Isabelle, I had the grammar, vocabulary and phonetics necessary to approach my days in Paris with greater confidence.
I highly recommend working with Isabelle if you are looking for a personal approach to learning French.

Sam – Liaison Assistant – Australian Embassy, Paris

It has been my pleasure to study with Isabelle who has been tutoring me in French for around 9 months now.  Isabelle has a natural gift as a language teacher and you can see instantly that she is very passionate about teaching and helping students improve in their French. Her teaching style is very beneficial in highlighting the importance of correct pronunciation.
This is something I really need help with and Isabelle’s tireless efforts in helping me improve have been invaluable.  I am especially pleased with how the lessons are constructed in a way to incorporate all parts of learning French, including conversation, comprehension, grammar and writing skills.  She is very patient with me and my progress and explains things clearly, helping with any questions that I may have. Her pleasant and relaxed personality makes it very easy to get along with her. I thoroughly enjoy our lessons together and have no hesitation at all in recommending Isabelle as a French teacher to students of all levels.

11 September 2019