• Customized French lessons

    with a French private tutor in Paris
  • My teaching philosophy

    My aim is to make learning fun and enjoyable for everyone
  • Personalized teaching

    A relaxed atmosphere based on interaction and positive thinking
  • Learn French...

    At your pace, according to your sensitivity, tastes and aims

Customized Lessons


Our French lessons focus on providing you with the necessary tools and confidence to make the first step and to…


Online French lessons can be one-to-one or group lessons with family, friends or co-workers   There are many advantages to…


Meet the locals and improve your language skills! We will go to different places and I will accompany you throughout…

Private Tutor

Take lessons with a French private tutor in Paris

Each lesson is designed to meet your objectives by taking into account your individual learning style and personality.

Whether you are a beginner or fluent in French, the quality of your spoken and written French will improve greatly.

My teaching philosophy

My aim is to make learning fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The characteristics of my efficient and dynamic teaching method are:

  • A relaxed atmosphere based on interaction
  • Personalized teaching
  • Active and spontaneous participation
  • A wide range of resources to develop both your oral and written skills
Learn French in Paris


Marie and Dennis, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

What would our five weeks in Paris have been without Isabelle? My husband, Dennis, was on sabbatical and I was hoping to learn French -- a beautiful and for me, until now, difficult language. From the first moment I met Isabelle, I knew that we could not have found a more appropriate teacher. She…

Tom, retired attorney, Chicago, USA

I did not begin my lessons with Isabelle until after I left Paris and had returned to my hometown of Chicago. I met Isabelle when I was living in Paris, and I expressed my intention to continue my French studies back in the US, and that I would be looking for a teacher…

Brad Mehldau (Pianist), New York, USA

I studied with Isabelle several years ago when I spent a few months in Paris with my family. She is a patient and thorough teacher and works very well one on one. She was able to instruct me in the basics of French pronunciation and grammar. In a short time I felt I had made…

Taylor, Author / Ghostwriter, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

I found Isabelle through an Internet search, and started taking lessons from her in person when my family spent a month in Paris in 2016. I had taken nine years of French in school (elementary, secondary, college), but wanted to brush off my rusty skills and improve them. Almost four years later,…

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