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    My aim is to make learning fun and enjoyable for everyone
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    A relaxed atmosphere based on interaction and positive thinking
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Customized Lessons


A foreign language is, above all, a vehicle of self-expression, exchange and sharing. However, making the first step is not…


Learn French with a professional and qualified French native tutor from anywhere in the world and at the time that…


Learn French, meet the locals and improve your language skills! We will go to different places and I will accompany…

Private Tutor

Take lessons with a French private tutor in Paris

Learn French in Paris


Marie (Exec Admin) and Dennis (Professor), Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

What would our five weeks in Paris have been without Isabelle? My husband, Dennis, was on sabbatical and I was hoping to learn French -- a beautiful and for me, until now, difficult language. From the first moment I met Isabelle, I knew that we could not have found a more appropriate teacher. She…

Tom, retired attorney, Chicago, USA

I did not begin my lessons with Isabelle until after I left Paris and had returned to my hometown of Chicago. I met Isabelle when I was living in Paris, and I expressed my intention to continue my French studies back in the US, and that I would be looking for a teacher…

Brad Mehldau (Pianist), New York, USA

I studied with Isabelle several years ago when I spent a few months in Paris with my family. She is a patient and thorough teacher and works very well one on one. She was able to instruct me in the basics of French pronunciation and grammar. In a short time I felt I had made…

James – Product Manager – Boston, USA

Isabelle is a talented French instructor. I worked with her while I was in Paris for seven weeks and she helped me improve my French beyond my expectations. She tailors her lessons to your needs, is flexible with scheduling, and very easy to communicate with. She is a patient, active teacher and works to…

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