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  • Enseignement personnalisé

    A relaxed atmosphere based on interaction and positive thinking
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    My aim is to make learning fun and enjoyable for everyone

About Me

Prendre des leçons avec un professeur privé à Paris

Mes cours s’adressent aux expatriés, hommes d'affaires, managers, professeurs, chercheurs, ambassadeurs, touristes et étudiants à la recherche de cours personnalisés avec un professeur de langue maternelle.

Ces cours peuvent être soit particuliers soit en groupe et ils s'adaptent totalement à votre personnalité et à votre emploi du temps.

Ma philosophie

Les caractéristiques de ma méthode d’enseignement efficace et dynamique sont :

  • Une atmosphère basée sur le dialogue et la mise en situation
  • Enseignement personnalisé
  • Une participation active et spontanée
  • Un large éventail de ressources pour développer vos compétences orales et écrites.

Customized Lessons


A foreign language is, above all, a vehicle of self-expression, exchange and sharing. However, making the first step is not…


Learn French with a professional and qualified French native tutor from anywhere in the world and at the…


Depending on your individual needs and objectives, we will focus on general or business French. Cultural aspects of the language…

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Caryn - Professeur – Université de New-York, USA

I feel very fortunate to have met Isabelle! She is an extremely knowledgeable, organized and personable instructor. Both my speaking and writing skills have immensely improved working with her for the last 6 months. At the same time, I also have learned a great deal about French culture. Isabelle has a kind and comfortable, yet…

Jim – Consultant en gestion – Toronto, CANADA

My experience in working with Isabelle has been excellent. She is a true professional and very dedicated to helping her students learn not only the French language but also the culture. She is incredibly flexible in her apporach and adjusts her teaching to not only the student's level but also to their specific area of…

Christine – Consultant de marque – New York, USA

Isabelle was a great tutor. She was extremely patient as I progressed from exercise to exercise. Unlike other tutors I had, she never made me feel foolish and helped me graduate from a beginner to more advanced French speaker. She was a pleasure to spend time with and converse with, and also was very…

Hans – PDG – New-York, USA

Isabelle is a splendid French teacher who, in my case, has been able to help a “student” whose professional obligations often require rescheduling of lessons at embarrassingly late moments, for whom lassitude occasionally produces long periods between lessons, and once in a while generates the “dog ate my homework” excuses. Through it all Isabelle is…


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