Customized lessons

French conversation

A foreign language is, above all, a vehicle of self-expression, exchange and sharing. However, making the first step is not always easy. Since our lessons focus on interaction and role play, we will give you the necessary tools and confidence to be able to make the first step and put into practise what you learn. Your vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, pronunciation and listening skills will greatly improve.

French for the family

These lessons focus on role play, games, word building but most of all on conversation and interaction. They are designed to adapt to each family’s situation. Indeed, whether the members of the family prefer to work together, in groups or alone, the format of each lesson is designed to fit whatever suits you best.

Government-funded French Lessons

What is a “Compte Personnel de Formation”?

The aim of the “Compte Personnel de Formation” (CPF), or personal training account, is to increase the level of qualification of each and everyone so as to secure his or her own professional career path. It is based upon the principle of a time bank, which starts when you enter the labour market and continues throughout your working life. Introduced in January 2015, it replaces the earlier system known as “Droit Individuel de Formation” (or DIF).

Private French Lessons at your tutor’s home

Sometimes students cannot work at their office or home.

This is the reason why we also propose lessons at the tutor’s home specifically designed to suit your schedule, needs and objectives.

Learn French online

*With a professional and qualified French native teacher
*From your home or office anywhere in the world
*At the time that suits you best

Learn French wherever you are, whenever you want!

Skype video calling combines high-quality teaching with great flexibility. You will practice conversation, listening and perfect your pronunciation. At the end of each lesson, notes and homework will be forwarded to you.

Skype is free. You can download it here:
– Skype software for PC or Mac (to download it, please click here)
You can create a Skype account at this address:

Phonetics and Grammar lessons

Phonetics and grammar often go together since one may help you to comprehend the other. Indeed, they are two ingredients that will help you to understand the structure and the functioning of the French language more rapidly.

In order to help you understand the different rules that regulate phonetics, thanks to conversation, audio supports and reading, we will work together on the different French sounds and words.

Grammar is an essential part of the French language. It may appear intimidating but in French, like in many other languages, grammar helps you to understand how a language functions and this can be learnt.

Translation, Proofreading, Editing


Translation is not just a skill, it is also an exquisite art. It requires an excellent knowledge of the subtleties of languages. Whether from English into French, or from French into English, I always aim for a high-quality translation. Words are powerful, and it is extremely important to ensure that the original text is accurately translated. My translation services cover a wide range of topics: websites, blogs, ebooks, books, short stories, plays, films, documentaries, screenplays, reports, memos, press releases, essays, dissertations and proposals.


Proofreading involves the careful reading (and rereading) of an unfinalized document and is essential in conveying a message effectively. Every author knows that despite the spelling-checking abilities of modern word processors a human proofreader is indispensable. For example, I will remove and correct errors in:

– spelling

– grammar

– punctuation

– capitalisation

– typos

– non-conventional use of upper and lower case characters

– figure presentation


Editing is a more in-depth service. I will of course correct formatting and spelling errors but also, re-arrange the text so that it becomes more coherent and concise and flows more easily.

– Authors, journalists, bloggers, websites
-) website content, blogs, ebooks, books, short stories, plays, or screenplays

– Business, Corporate or Government Clients
-) reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, or other business documents

– Students or Academics
-) essays, term papers, dissertations, newspaper articles, essays, proposals

French Immersion

Learning French while visiting Paris and discovering the Parisian way of life is a great way to improve your language skills.

We will go to different places and I will accompany you throughout the lessons to help and advise you.

Here are a few examples :

  • − Asking for information, for directions
    – Ordering in a restaurant, a café
    − Talking to a waiter, a baker or a hairdresser
    − Buying food at a market
    − Buying a ticket in a train station, in the metro
    − Buying stamps in a post office
    − Buying tickets to go to the museum, the theatre, a concert or the opera…
11 September 2019
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