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Translation, proofreading, editing


Translation is not just a skill, it is also an exquisite art. It requires an excellent knowledge of the subtleties of languages. Whether from English into French, or from French into English, I always aim for a high-quality translation. Words are powerful, and it is extremely important to ensure that the original text is accurately translated. My translation services cover a wide range of topics: websites, blogs, ebooks, books, short stories, plays, films, documentaries, screenplays, reports, memos, press releases, essays, dissertations and proposals.


Proofreading involves the careful reading (and rereading) of an unfinalized document and is essential in conveying a message effectively. Every author knows that despite the spelling-checking abilities of modern word processors a human proofreader is indispensable. For example, I will remove and correct errors in:

- spelling

- grammar

- punctuation

- capitalisation

- typos

- non-conventional use of upper and lower case characters

- figure presentation


Editing is a more in-depth service. I will of course correct formatting and spelling errors but also, re-arrange the text so that it becomes more coherent and concise and flows more easily.

- Authors, journalists, bloggers, websites
-) website content, blogs, ebooks, books, short stories, plays, or screenplays

- Business, Corporate or Government Clients
-) reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, or other business documents

- Students or Academics
-) essays, term papers, dissertations, newspaper articles, essays, proposals
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