Corporate training

Corporate training

Depending on your individual needs and objectives, we will focus on general or business French. Cultural aspects of the language will also be explained in order to avoid cultural faux pas.

The aim is to adapt your linguistic and professional abilities to the projects for which you are responsible. You will be accompanied throughout this process and you will be able to present your projects more clearly and more convincingly.

You will be taught all the key-words and sentences to help you feel more confident when giving a presentation. We will also help you to improve your grammatical structure to feel more confident when speaking and writing.

You will discover not only the subtleties of the French language but also its “cultural codes”. Indeed, misunderstandings can be due more to an unawareness of French cultural codes than to a lack of grammatical structure. Knowing these codes will allow you to feel more at ease when interacting with people

These lessons will teach you the indispensable expressions used in emails as well as the appropriate sentences to greet visitors, answer the phone, take messages and write short notes.

As a legally declared tutor,
I can issue invoices when required and my status is compatible
with all training plans offered by companies to their staff.

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